Logo design suggests Toyota will keep the number 86 in the name of the production model and hints at a 2.0 liter power plant.

Car and Driver has published a leaked image of the alleged Boxer engine logo for the upcoming Toyota FT-86 sport coupe model.

The images shows two horizontal-drawn pistons opposing each other from a center crankshaft, which represents the configuration of the Boxer engine. In that center is what appears to be the number 86 which, if the image is a finalized one, means that Toyota will be using the number 86 in the production name of the vehicle.

The FT-86 moniker is a reference to the AE86 Corolla, one of the beloved rear-wheel drive sport models Toyota made back in the 1980s. Toyota will be sourcing the power plant from Subaru, with which it is developing the vehicle. Subaru will also have an FT-86-derived model lovingly nicknamed by enthusiasts Toyobaru.

This engine logo also hints at a 2.0 liter power plant. Subaru recently developed a new 2.0 lite Boxer engine. Both the Subaru and Toyota variants will feature a steel chassis with aluminum body panels.

The FT-86 Toyota model, which may come to be sold under the Scion brand in the United States, will sell for between $20,000 and $25,000 there.

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