Hummer introduces a "green" off-road concept.

In keeping with the "green" theme permeating this year's North American International Auto Show, Hummer officially removed the wraps from the HX concept. Penned by three young engineers within GM's ranks, the HX features cool integrated off-road equipment like a removable shovel, but there's also a flex-fuel V6 engine connected to a six-speed automatic transmission.  Hummer plans to offer biofuel-capable engines on all of its products in the next two years.  

Lightweight, removeable doors, roof panels and fender flares help to make the Wrangler-sized HX the most efficient Hummer ever.  They also offer a wide range of reconfigurability; the HX can be an open-topped vehicle with a cargo or a slant-back setup.  The fact that it's Wrangler-sized suggests that Hummer's planning to go after Jeep on its home turf at some point.

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