Ford has seen a 21 percent rise in domestic sales in 2010 compared to an overall market growth of 11 percent.

Ford has rebounded in its home market to reclaim the number two spot in market share and total sales from Toyota.

Ford has increased its U.S. auto sales at nearly twice the market's growth rate, seeing a 21 percent rise in sales over a market that has grown by 11 percent, and boosting its share to 16.4 percent, from 15.3 percent last year and 14.2 percent in 2008.

"The last time Ford gained one or more points of market share was in the '80s...[and] it's the first time since 1993 that we have gained share in the U.S. back-to-back two years in a row," said George Pipas, Ford's market analyst.

Toyota overtook Ford earlier in the decade to become the second largest automaker in the U.S. market. The Japanese automaker's current share has fallen to 15.2 percent, behind that of number two Ford, and GM, whose 19.3 percent share reigns.

Ford sales have risen on the success of new models such as the Fiesta compact car and the F-150 full-sized pick up truck.

Ford reclaims number two spot from Toyota in U.S. market