With so many lightweight parts installed, BMW might as well have called it the M2 CSL.

Although technically a concept car, the M Performance Parts is essentially a tricked-out M2 with numerous lightweight parts that are either already available as a retrofit or will join the M Performance catalog in the months to come. BMW had the showcar on display at the recent 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed and decided to come out with a video for the whole world to see.

As mentioned by Anton Koller from the BMW Product Management Team, the idea for the M Performance Parts was born about a year ago and it took them six months to develop the carbon fiber components. In total, more than 132 pounds (60 kilograms) were shaved off from the M2’s curb weight, but bear in mind those nice front seats lighter by 19.8 lbs (9 kg) compared to the ones inside the M2 Competition are not for sale.

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Carbon fiber was the main theme when engineering the concept, with the hood, roof, tailgate, and diffuser made from the lightweight, yet very strong material. There’s more of it inside the cabin further contributing to the car’s impressive diet, which also contains a new battery 30.8 lbs (14 kg) lighter than the M2’s standard unit.

The M Performance Parts Concept isn’t all about evoking the days of the CSL as it also has upgrades in other areas. BMW has installed a coilover suspension lowering the ride height by 0.78 inches (20 millimeters), while the 19-inch forged wheels – lighter than the stock ones, of course - come wrapped in Michelin Cup 2 tires.

All in all, the concept showcases what is essentially the most extreme M2 money can buy by getting the entire arsenal of M Performance goodies. As nice as this is, one has to wonder how much a fully loaded M2 costs and whether it would be a smarter decision to just get its bigger brother, the M4.

Video: BMW

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