We first heard about an all-new Kia Soul back in February, and we haven’t seen very much since then aside from a couple sightings. That’s about to change, because our spy photographers caught a very good, up-close look at the next Soul while it was taking a break from hot-weather testing in Death Valley, California.

Right away we see the heavy camo up front has been replaced with a wrap that no longer hides the lighting. In fact, this next-generation Soul looks to be completely different from the A-pillar forward – it appears a bit wider and longer, and of course the narrow unibrow lighting is new. It certainly gives the popular crossover a modern look, and we suspect Star Wars fans will liken the design to that of a Stormtrooper helmet even more than the current model. We can’t wait to see one of these fully uncovered and finished in gloss white.

Next-Gen Kia Soul Turbo Spy Photo
Next-Gen Kia Soul Turbo Spy Photo

There are some new details worth mentioning at the rear as well. A close look at the taillights confirms what we saw in a spy video from a couple weeks ago – there’s definitely a boomerang shape with the lights wrapping around to the hatch. We also see a new center-exit exhaust setup, though it’s unknown if that will be a model-wide thing, or just an option for sporty trim levels.

Speaking of which, our sources tell us the next-gen Soul has the codename SK3 and it will ride on a new front-wheel drive platform that can also accommodate all-wheel drive. The rumor mill is curiously silent on power options and whether AWD will be optional, but given the popularity of AWD in today’s market – not to mention the strong demand from Soul customers for it – we expect Kia will step up to the plate.

As for when we’ll see the new Soul, our bets are on a U.S. reveal at either the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, or early 2019 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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