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Who knew?

Sabine Schmitz has issued a call for help to rescue the Nürburgring in Germany.

Yes, the infamous circuit with the legendary Nordschleife track known as the Green Hell which features in just about every other story we publish here is in danger of perishing. The place is in financial distress and in need of a bailout or rescue package.

How can this be? It's the Nürburgring! How can the place not be making money?

Oh, they handed mangement over to private investors who put in a roller coaster and wondered why nobody wanted to ride it? So much for private is better than public. Apparently, the mis-management borders on the criminal - it's certainly extremely corrupt with officials reporting wildly inflated attendance numbers.

The Queen of the Ring, driver of the Ring Taxi, also expresses her season's greetings to everyone in the video. The girl's charm is in how natural she is.

Watch Sabine's plea and then go to www.facebookcom/SaveTheRing to see how you can help.

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