Ford fans are still chomping at the bit to get their hands on a new GT supercar. The Blue Oval announced its revival in 2016, alongside a limited production run of just 250 per year – which spawned more than a few application videos from eager enthusiasts. But now it looks like Ford, and its Canadian partner Multimatic, have fallen short of promised figures in its first year of production.

According to details uncovered by Motor Authority on a Ford GT message board, just 138 examples of the GT supercar rolled off the production line in 2017. That’s well short of the 250 examples the company initially promised. But Ford says it has a good reason for the delay.

"This is a hand-built supercar, which we are committed to deliver flawlessly," the company said in a statement. "We built into our process an extended ramp-up due to several factors such as global homologation testing and supplier constraints."

Outside of exclusivity and attention to detail, part of the delay can be attributed to the scale of production. Meeting a goal of one vehicle per day was something Multimatic had never done before. The first GT rolled out of the shop in December 2016, but it wasn’t until later in 2017 that the Canadian company was able to match the one vehicle per day total.

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But don’t think this setback will force production numbers to drop. "We’re sticking to our initial commitment of 1,000 vehicles," confirmed a spokesperson for the company. Ford says it will build the GT for at least four years to make up the difference. At the current rate, just 888 units will be produced in the previously promised three-year run. The application for will open up again later in the year.

Source:  Motor Authority

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