According to VP of Design Ed Welburn, the CTS Coupe's design was almost an afterthought--a sketch that was made on a whim by the design team while they were finalizing the CTS sedan's looks.  Cadillac's distinctive, dramatic look translated so well to the coupe form that the sketch was pushed through to become this show car.  The high-tailed coupe features a sharper-edged look than the sedan, and it's even got a hint of tailfins in the tips of the taillamps.  The center-exiting exhaust echoes the shape of the Cadillac crest.  Although the CTS line could use a BMW and Audi coupe-fighter, the CTS Coupe is little more than a design excercise...for now. 

Gallery: Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept Unveiled at NAIAS

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