It’s like the real thing, only smaller.

Let’s face it, most of us will never get our hands on McLaren’s newest supercar, the Senna. With a price tag of $837,000, and a limited production run of just 499 units (all of which have already been accounted for, by the way), it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get the chance even to sit in the driver’s seat. But there is an alternative.

Amalgam Collection, which by the way is owned by our parent company Motorsport Network, is now offering this extremely detailed Senna 1:8 scale model for sale – and it looks absolutely stunning. This shrunken-down supercar is an exact replica of the real thing. It uses CAD data provided by McLaren, and had to successfully complete a full vetting process by McLaren engineers and designers before it could be unveiled to the public.

This particular model, a Limited Edition trim ($8,184), comes finished in a signature McLaren Orange paint job, with exposed carbon fiber accents, gunmetal-finished wheels, and blue brake calipers. It’s the exact same spec we drove on Silverstone, in fact. But if McLaren Orange and blue accents aren’t your thing, there are two ways to customize.

Amalgam McLaren Senna
Amalgam McLaren Senna
Amalgam McLaren Senna
Amalgam McLaren Senna

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For $9,384, the Bespoke trim offers a range of unique options. Paint colors, interior upholstery details, wheel styles, and caliper colors can all be customized on this particular trim. The Bespoke Plus option, which starts at $10,584, offers even more in the way of individuality. Buyers can choose from a range of full interior and exterior options, everything from custom paint jobs to material finishes in the cabin.

This particular model took over 3,000 development hours to complete by Amalgam. Each one takes 300 hours to sculpt by hand, and stretches out to 23.7 inches (600 millimeters when finished). It’s available now on the Amalgam shop – but hurry; just like the full-size version, they won’t stick around for long.

Source:  Amalgam

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