We’ve been watching Audi’s refreshed TT for awhile now. The changes front and rear don’t appear to be extraordinary, but they should breathe some fresh life into the popular coupe. We thought the car might appear in September at the Paris Motor Show, but Audi just dropped a few teaser photos that suggest a reveal could happen much, much sooner.


The first teaser shot from the rear reveals just a hint the of the resculptured fascia, showing new vents beneath new taillights. The blurred side-on shot offers little in the way of clues, save for orange being an exterior color option. We know that there’s a retouched front fascia in play that changes up some of the vents and air intakes, along with new headlights that have LED running lights at the top edge.

More on the new TT:

That’s pretty much the extent of our knowledge on the outside. Whether there are changes inside or to the TT’s powertrain is still unknown at this point. Given this is just a very mild refresh we certainly don’t expect to see much happening in either area. An update to the TT’s existing suite of in-car technology is certainly possible, but look for the interior to carry over its current look. We haven’t heard anything on power upgrades so the 220-horsepower (164-kilowatt) 2.0-liter engine will likely solder on as the entry-level mill in most markets. If anything, Euro-spec TTs might ditch the old 1.8-liter that still serves the TT in favor of a detuned 2.0.

Audi’s teasers suggest a TT reveal is imminent. Whether or not that includes the hotter TT RS remains to be seen; we just caught the RS testing in southern Europe still wearing plenty of wrap front and rear. Standard operating procedure for new car reveals usually sees performance variants unveiled sometime after the base model.

In any case we should know something very soon, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

Source: Audi via Facebook


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