Supercars shouldn't spend all of their time looking pretty in a climate-controlled garage. Engineers spend thousands, if not millions, of man-hours to create a machine that can give drivers impressive performance, and owners should stretch the vehicles' legs on the roads as often as possible to enjoy the results of this hard work. Unfortunately, taking any car on the street means exposing it to all sorts of dirt and grime. That's where the detailer in this video comes into the picture. This 2017 Audi R8 in Ara Blue arrives in desperate need of a deep cleaning and leaves looking like a million bucks.

Release Your Inner Clean Freak By Watching These Detailing Videos:

The detailer starts on the interior and does the kind of vacuuming and scrubbing that you would expect to get things squeaky clean. Then he turns attention to the engine, and things really get impressive. There's a lot of grime in there. Lots of cleanser and elbow grease make the carbon fiber shine again. The guy then gets out a brush to remove debris from the valve covers.

Ample brake dust and road dirt cover the wheels and tires. The grit requires multiple brushes and lots of cleanser to remove. Afterward, the parts shine like new.

The rest of the clip focuses on the laborious process of cleaning the body. The detailer starts with giving the R8 a foam bath that covers the exterior in suds. The supercar already looks great afterward, but the guy then begins the shampooing process. A final rinse gives the machine such a bright shine that you can see yourself in it. Now, take the Audi out for a drive and get everything dirty again.

Source: R A D G a r a g e via YouTube

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