Pagani set up shop in Modena back in 1992, but it wasn’t until 1999 when the Zonda was launched as a production model. Over the course of 26 years since the company’s inception, Pagani has technically built only two model lines: Zonda and Huayra. However, the former spawned numerous derivatives throughout its life cycle, which technically still hasn’t ended as every once in a while, a new Zonda emerges. Take for example Horacio Pagani’s very own HP Barchetta, leading this convoy of Paganis through the streets of London.

A former manager of Lamborghini’s composites department, Horacio has probably the most interesting Zonda of them all, complete with a narrow windscreen, partially covered rear wheels, and a central scoop reminiscent of the Cinque. Believed to be worth a whopping $15 million, this Zonda-based HP Barchetta is only one of the three to be produced.

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If we were to name just one thing all of these Zondas and Huayras have in common, that would have to be the engine of AMG origins. Speaking of the Huayra, the very last coupe is going to be quite special (as if the regular model is mundane…) considering it will wear the same livery as Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car. Since we’re on the subject of the Huayra, spy shots have shown a hardcore BC Roadster is on its way with as much as 800 horsepower.

While the tie-up between Pagani and Mercedes-AMG is as strong as ever, the Italian hypercar marque is planning a new model that will eschew the combustion engine to adopt a pure electric setup. It won’t be out until the middle of the next decade and will follow the Huayra replacement already confirmed to get its power from the skilled folks based in Affalterbach and to offer a standard manual gearbox.

Meanwhile, just watch and listen to this epic Pagani convoy of no less than eight Zondas and two Huayras believed to be worth $30 million, although we have a feeling that’s most likely a rough estimate.

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Gallery: Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

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