Update: The aptly named Cadillac Grill Iron is available for pre-order on Amazon for $100, and comes with a $20 credit from Cadillac.

*Checks calendar* – no, it isn’t April Fool's Day. As part of Amazon’s long-awaited Prime Day festivities (which take place today at 3 PM), Cadillac is offering a unique, one-of-a-kind… grill branding iron? That’s right, the same company that builds the 640-horsepower (477-kilowatt) CTS-V is now giving buyers the chance to sear steaks and cook chicken with the help of a Cadillac logo on a stick. Delicious, delicious synergy.

Cadillac teased its upcoming new product yesterday on Twitter with a gif of the iron over a set of searing steaks. The caption reads, "Sundays are for searing. Tune in 7/16 for a limited-edition Cadillac #PrimeDay surprise." A second tweet, posted earlier this morning, with a link leading to a purchase page, suggests that these will be limited, so get them while they’re hot. No word on how much they will cost, though.


Sure, it sounds a bit silly for Cadillac to offer a branding iron for steaks, but it definitely isn’t the first instance of automakers offering something other than just cars. We compiled a list of 12 strange products car companies also produce, everything from Porsche honey, to a line of branded pepper grinds from Peugeot, to Rolls-Royce jet engines.

Cadillac-branded grille irons aren’t your jive? Don’t worry, the company also has a new coupe on the way. Patent filings show the sleek two-door ahead of its debut (likely in 2020), with cues inspired by the equally stunning Escala concept we saw back in 2016. The coupe will join three new crossovers and three sedans, and handful of which we’ve already seen testing, as part of Cadillac’s five-year growth strategy.

Source: Cadillac / Twitter

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