Green GT is an electric Le Mans racer with 300 kW (408 PS). The model will undergo testing this winter to establish its performance and endurance capabilities.

The Green GT, the ambitious FIA-spec electric race car, has this neat animation video showing its development.

The Green GT comes with an electric drive with a total output of 300kW (402 bhp / 408 PS) on a carbon chassis with a fiberglass body shell.

The Swiss constructor Green GT, based in Le-Mont-sur-Lausanne, has supplied the EV propulsion system to Citroen for use in the Survolt electric racer.

The Green GT racer was recently presented on December 3rd at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne to FIA president Jean Todt underneath a Le Mans prototype Sprint body.

The car will be undergoing a series of cold-weather tests this winter to establish its performance and endurance capabilities, according to Green GT's website.

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Green GT Le Mans design study gets cool animation [video]