The Brabham name is famous in motorsport both as a constructor in Formula One and from the famous family of drivers, including three-time F1 World Champion Jack Brabham and his Le-Mans-winning sons David and Geoff. Soon, the notable brand returns to the track with the BT62 – a circuit-only supercar with a carbon fiber body and 5.4-liter mid-mounted V8. For a great chance to see the machine on the move, check out its run up the hill from the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Get A Better Look At The BT62:

The driver doesn't push at ten-tenths up the course, but it can get going fast enough to let the 700-horsepower (522-kilowatt) V8 growl. It also only weighs 2,142 pounds (972 kilograms) for a 720hp per metric ton power-to-weight ratio. The one at Goodwood wears a red and blue livery that pays tribute to the BT46B fan car from the Formula One team's 19th career victory at the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix at Anderstorp.

Brabham intends to build a 35-unit Celebration Series of the BT62, and like the example racing up the Goodwood hill climb, each one will have a paint scheme from one of the F1 team's race-winning cars. There will also be a 35-unit Signature Series versions that will allow customers to tailor the look to their preferences, rather than paying tribute to the past. Regardless of the variant, Brabham will sell the BT62 at a starting price of a million pounds ($1.3 million at current exchange rates).

If you'd prefer to drive a Brabham on the road, then the company is preparing to create a road-legal model that should be a whole lot like the BT62 with a few necessary modifications. Production would take place in Australia, and both left- and right-hand drive versions would be available.

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