Mil-Spec Automotive loves the HumVee. To be more specific, the company loves the original H1 – the take-no-prisoners military all-terrain conqueror that was epic for getting soldiers through pretty much any terrain, but didn’t translate quite so well to civilian life. In short, the ride was terrible, the performance was terrible, the fuel mileage was terrible, and the passenger accommodations were, well, terrible. Fortunately, it was so freaking badass that its core fan base didn’t care about such things.

Update: the new truck is here:

Mil-Spec Automotive does care, and we already had an introduction with its first vehicle, the Mil-Spec H1 Launch Edition with the open back. The company improved the ride, made the interior a bit more posh, and with a 500-horsepower (373 kW) Duramax turbodiesel in the engine bay, performance is no longer an issue. Now the company has its Second Edition H1 in the works, featuring the slant-back design of the hard-core off-roader that completely encloses the rear for more interior space.

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We don’t yet have any details such as interior room or new seating provisions, if any exist. One of the big drawbacks to the H1 – as well as Mil-Spec’s version – is that it only has room for four adults despite its massive size. The renderings released by the company don’t give us any clues to interior changes for the Second Edition, but this is certainly a perfect opportunity to squeeze in some additional passenger seating.

Gallery: Mil-Spec Hummer H1

We do know it “features most options” that Mil-Spec offered on its Launch Edition model series (pictured above), so it should benefit from all the upgrades mentioned previously. We also know it’s being built for a specific customer, and as such it’s getting special attention for whatever the customer wants. If the teaser renderings are accurate, it will be just as bad-boy black as the first H1, and if we’re honest, that’s the only color we’d ever want for such a monster.

Mil-Spec tells us a formal release on its Second Edition will be coming weeks. We’ll be very interested in getting full disclosure on this properly menacing SUV.

Source:  Mil-Spec Automotive

Gallery: Mil-Spec Hummer H1 Second Edition

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