Audi will engineer the platforms for the next Porsche Cayenne and the upcoming Porsche Cajun.

Last week it was announced that Porsche would be taking over development duties for sports cars and large premium sedans within the VW Group.

Now comes the news that Audi didn't get completely shortchanged with regard to engineering assignments. Audi will now be responsible for developing large SUVs for VW Group brands, including Porsche.

That will include the next-generation Porsche Cayenne and the upcoming Porsche Cajun - a mid-sized SUV to be based on the Audi Q5. The current Porsche Cayenne was developed entirely by Porsche.

Audi will also be responsible for the development of the VW Touareg as well as the Audi Q7.

"This is not badge engineering. Porsche will be responsible for the engines and performance of the next Cayenne. It will drive like a Porsche and perform like a Porsche," said a Porsche spokesperson, confirming the reports in the German media to Automotive News Europe, and sounding a little defensive in the process.

Porsche purists may have something to add to that.

Audi to head development of Porsche SUVs