If there is such a point where something is unnecessarily loud – and I don’t believe there is when it comes to a car’s exhaust note – this modified F10 BMW M5 would be a worthy contender. But this isn’t your standard BMW performance sedan. It has a host of modifications that increase not only its loudness – but also its performance. The two go hand-in-hand when you think about it. 

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According to the video details, this BMW M5 produces 720 horsepower. How it achieves that amount of power is unknown. We imagine some upgraded hardware and a tune to remap the biturbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine’s parameters. To enhance the sedan’s performance, the owner also added a straight-pipe exhaust system and removed the catalytic converters – which is terrible for the environment and good for waking the neighbors at three in the morning. 

The video includes several clips of the M5 revving its engine while it waits to drag race down a runway. It goes up against a current-generation Ford Mustang and a nondescript Audi of some sort. The video makes it difficult to suss out any details about the Audi. The M5 appears just as fast as its competition. 

According to the video description, the modified M5 reached a top speed of 160.67 miles per hour (258.57 kilometers per hour) during its slew of drag races, which is plenty fast in our humble opinion. It’s exceptionally fast when you realize they’re racing over 0.62 miles (1,000 meters). If you watch the video, you will also notice this isn’t your typical drag race of waiting for the tree to turn green. These races have a rolling start of 31 mph (50 kph), which is a nice change to the otherwise stale drag race format. 

The modified M5 sounds more like a muscle car than a German luxury performance sedan, and that’s okay. The M5 certainly has the performance. And apparently, this owner wasn’t a fan of the subdued bark from the rear, which sounds like music to our ears. 

Source: cvdzijden - Supercar Videos via YouTube

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