The Ferrari 458 GT2 has been caught out in the open doing some testing on the Fiorano race track.

Adhering to regulations as a GT2 racer, the 458 GT2 comes with a 4.5 liter V8 with 470 PS (464 bhp / 346 kW) and weighs in at 1245 kg (2745 lbs). That is 100 PS (98 bhp / 74 kW) less than the 458 Italia's standard configuration and 30 PS (29.5 bhp / 22 kW) less than the 4.0 liter F430 GT2. The model actually weighs more than the 458 Italia Challenge which comes in at 1218 kg (2685 lbs).

The GT2 will feature a new 6-speed Hewland sequential gearbox, as opposed to the standard model's 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. It keeps the double wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension set-up. The 458 GT2 is also fitted with 18-inch wheels (as opposed to 19-inch for the Challenge model).

The model's specs must conform to the regulations established by the ACE (the Automobile Club de l'Ouest) which runs the 24-hr Le Mans race, in order to quality for GT2 competition.

Gallery: Ferrari 458 GT2 racer testing at Fiorano

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