It's not too late to celebrate the fourth of July.

Art will take you everywhere – that might be the what Piotr Jedrzejuk was thinking when he started the project “The American Dream.” And he certainly did, in his team’s interpretation of each American state with classic cars as the main subject. It’s a great way to promote both America and automotive design. Guess it isn’t too late for the fourth of July.

Speaking of fourth of July:

Over 18 months, Jedrzejuk and his team completed the project, which aims to showcase each of the U.S. state in vintage-inspired art prints. From Annapolis City, Maryland to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, each poster shows the most scenic places in the U.S., which is kind of a cheat sheet just in case you want to travel across the country. Nevertheless, the interpretation and the art was amazing. We can only imagine these posters hanging by diners or a neo-classic inspired living room.

Jedrzejuk said that each poster took them over a week to finish. A lot of research was done by the team in order to complete the project as accurately as possible. They also carefully chose the best location for each state and discussed which cars complement the selected sceneries. If you haven’t noticed, by the way, only classic cars were used on art prints, which we actually dig since it maintains the vintage vibe of each poster.

For instance, the bright lights of Las Vegas is paired up with a pink Plymouth, while a huge, blue-winged Dodge Daytona populates the main frame of Dodge City, Kansas. We’re a bit on the fence, though, on the Porsche 911 in snowy roads of Alaska. Our favorite, by the way, is the The Jetsons-inpired Seattle poster. Well, there’s a space needle, so, seems about right.

You can check out the rest of The American Dream Roadside America Prints project in Indiegogo, where you can order, say something to Jedrzejuk, or even back the project up.

Gallery: The American Dream Roadside America Prints by Grand Touring Art

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