Made in Thailand but in left-hand-drive configuration. Interesting.

Towards the end of June, a left-handed Ford Ranger Raptor was spotted testing in the U.S. That could mean one thing: the pumped-up pickup truck is bound to enter the market. But why was it a big deal if the Ranger Raptor was left-hand-drive? It’s because the truck is made in Thailand, which is a country that drives on the left side of the road. Although the Ranger Raptor has been announced to be available in other countries other than Thailand, it’s almost automatic that the first models to be available for testing will be right-hand drive for its local roads.

U.S.-bound Ranger:

That should be the case in an ideal world, but Ford seems to be working on something differently. In this time-lapse video released by Ford Thailand, the company has announced that the Ranger Raptor has started its production. The whole process is captured in motion picture, from the start of assembling the chassis, body, and other parts of the framework. Even coating process is included, which I find awesome.

The video also included a gem that only eagle-eye viewers would be able to spot. If you’re not up to play Where’s Waldo on this one, jump to 1:33 mark to see what we're talking about. While the main focus of the shot is the Ford Sync 3 system, it’s important to note that the steering wheel is positioned at the left side of the dashboard. This means the first Ranger Raptors that will roll out of the assembly line will be left-hand-drive versions.

It’s quite surprising, since the first markets of the Ranger Raptor are Thailand and Australia, which are both right-hand-drive countries. Interesting. Looks like the production has commenced early for the U.S.-bound Ranger Raptors.

Source: Ford Thailand via Youtube

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