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Either that line above or other famous quotes from the main characters, cult TV shows always have something to remember with. Now, as to what in it is memorable depends on your hobbies and interests, but for car nuts, it's definitely the cars. In fact, some of these cult TV shows won't be as famous as they are now if not for their rides, like the Batmobile or the Pontiac Trans Am named KITT from Knight Rider. These cars are pretty much celebrities, so to speak.

Luckily, Budget Cars immortalizes the famous TV cars through these fine art posters. These art pieces pretty much brings back old memories from these cult TV shows, as well as some new ones for the more modern shows in this slideshow. Now, if the old TV shows ring a lot of bell, don't worry, we won't speak of your age. It's our little secret.

Speaking of celebrities:

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