The VW NMS is sporting the Volkswagen brand's new design language and looking very similar to the recently released Jetta.

Here are some of the latest spy shots of the upcoming Volkswagen NMS (the as-of-yet unnamed new mid-sized sedan) caught completely uncovered. The pics are scans from an unnamed magazine done by JokeForBlog.

What can be said about the design? It's featuring the new design language of the VW lineup with the tighter front-face. It looks like a larger version of the Jetta. Most critics will likely find it underwhelming and functionally-themed.

The NMS is a North American market model that will replace the poor-selling Passat there. It will be both larger and cheaper than the outgoing Passat, with a starting price of around $20,000.

Development costs are being shared with Chinese partner Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive and one can expect this model to make it to the extended-wheelbase-crazed China market sometime in the future - either replacing the Passat or as a larger variant or a separate model altogether.

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