The new Pista is Ferrari’s meaner-looking 488, but tuners can make the regular GTB look just as angry. This is where Misha Designs comes into play to turn the V8 supercar from Maranello into a proper attention grabber. Having tweaked the 458 Italia several years ago, the tuner is no stranger to giving Ferraris widebody packages and this duo of GTBs is a prime example of how they can radically change the appearance of a prancing horse.

The folks over at Creative Bespoke were responsible for fitting the two 488 GTBs with Misha Designs’ body kit and they also had to get rid of the standard wheels to replace them with Forgiato rims. We’re particularly fond of the white one, not just because of the color, but mainly due to the intricate design of the alloys.

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As far as the aftermarket body parts, these have all been installed using the original factory mounting points and come to replace the OEM components without requiring any changes to the 488 GTB whatsoever. These bits and pieces are made out from carbon fiber, either exposed or painted.

It would seem that the white one - or another car that looks virtually the same – is up for grabs on Creative Bespoke’s website and can be had for a cool $378,000. The ad says it has been driven for only 587 miles (944 kilometers) and has Misha Design’s carbon aero kit worth $40,000 and Forgiatio’s three-piece forged wheels with Pirelli tires valued at $12,000 as a complete set. It also boasts a sport lowering kit from Mansory ($4,000) and ceramic coating together with color correction priced at $1,350. Installing the body kit with and paining the components was $15,000.

In total, more than $73,500 were spent on customizing this look-at-me Ferrari over the course of three months.

Source: Misha Designs, Creative Bespoke

Gallery: Ferrari 488 GTB with Misha Designs body kit

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