Following a series of leaks this week, BMW has officially unveiled the new BMW M3 Convertible and as expected will feature the seven-speed Double Clutch Gearbox.

Following a series of leaks this week, BMW has officially revealed the new M3 Convertible. As expected it will feature the brand new seven-speed Double Clutch Gearbox – designed for a high-speed power unit and what better unit to put it in than the M3's 420hp V8 Engine which was first seen in the coupe version last year. Based on the 3 Series Convertible, the 3rd variant in the M3 range features a retractable hard top for the first time, the 3 piece structure opens in 22 seconds and provides great all round viewing due to its large windows.

The new double clutch gearbox (M DCT) allows gear changes without any interuption of power or traction and features “Drivelogic” with 11 electronically controlled driving programs: 6 manual and 5 automatic for different scenarios but one of the picks must be the Launch Control for maximum acceleration. We will also see this system simultaneously debuted in the Coupe and Sedan models.

The 0 to 60mph time stands at 5.3 seconds which is 0.4 seconds slower than the coupe due to the extra weight of the roof, but with the introduction of M DCT Drivelogic this increases to 5.1 seconds, top speed lies at 250kph (electronically limited).

The exterior is BMW M design through and through with an aluminium engine lid featuring a powerdome, large air intakes for engine cooling, flared wheel arches and classic BMW M division design lines. Other features included are a brand new convertible-specific suspension system, an upgraded high class interior and a high end-audio system from BMW Individual.

As yet there is no word when it will be launched, but we should hear this a little closer to its debut at Geneva.

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