Honda is developing a gasoline-powered, hot-coupe version of the CR-Z model, according to Autocar.

The CR-Z currently comes solely as a hybrid with a 114 PS (112 bhp / 84 kW) 1.5 liter engine coupled to an electric motor. Honda wants to expand the CR-Z's appeal by using a newly developed 1.6 liter turbocharged engine for more powerful CR-Z variants, including a CR-Z Type R. Honda brought a CR-Z Hybrid R concept to the SEMA show in Las Vegas last month.

That new power plant will come in two output configurations, 160 bhp (162 PS / 119 kW) and 200 bhp (203 PS / 149 kW), and also be featured in the Jazz, Civic and Accord models. The 200 bhp variant will also replace Honda's outgoing 2.0 liter TEC engine in the next Civic Type R.

The CR-Z Type R is tentatively scheduled for 2011, reports Autocar.

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