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German tuner Fostla specializes in vinyl wraps and improving vehicles' performance, and the firm combines both of these elements on an impressively modified AMG GT S. The price of converting the coupe to this spec is $32,600 (28,000 euros) – an amount that's roughly a quarter of the model's $132,400 base price in the United States.

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Fostla gives the AMG GT S by installing a carbon fiber bodykit from Lüthen Motorsport, and the extra pieces include a new front splitter, side sills, rear wing, and diffuser, in addition to the trim around the fender intakes. The tweaks are understated by aftermarket standards, especially in comparison to the wild creations from Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny. The firm then wraps the body in a silver and crimson motif, including a matching stripe with black touches on the hood.

Power gets a boost from a  PP-Performance-Chiptuning level 2 upgrade that pushes the output to 605 horsepower (451 kilowatts) and 566 pound-feet (768 Newton-meters) – better than the factory's own AMG GT R with 577 hp (430 kW). Fostla also improves the 4.0-liter biturbo V8's sound by installing frequency intelligent exhaust downpipes and a BMC high-performance air filter

The GT S' handling gets a boost from a set of KW coilovers, and they also lower the ride height to give the coupe a meaner stance. A set of H&R spacers reposition the black wheels to be flush with the body.

The AMG GT is quite a popular machine among European tuners, and various companies are finding a multitude of ways to boost its output. For example, Domanig Autodesign can push the engine to 769 hp (573 kW), and Renntech offers a kit to boost the output to 825 hp (615 kW).

Source: Fostla

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG GT S by Fostla

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The crucial benefits of a vinyl wrapping compared to a coating have been adequately described prior. Occasionally, in Hannover pushes the envelope and provides the test object with a – besides a sensational vinyl wrapping – spectacular performance upgrade.

That happened to an already lavishly equipped Mercedes AMG GT in the original S-version.
To begin with, the team mounted a carbon aerodynamic kit - incidentally, by LÜTHEN Motorsport in Hamburg - consisting of a carbon front splitter, air intake add-ons [synonym for plug-in], sidebars, an adjustable rear wing, as well as a rear diffuser to the bolide. A KW thread chassis is in charge of the lowering. In addition, H&R spacers were installed in order to make the wheels sit flush with the vehicle's body.
Let's take the chance and point out to the PP-Performance-Chiptuning level 2 including the FI [Frequency Intelligent]-exhaust-downpipes along with the BMC high performance air filter. The result of all these measures let the original 510 PS grow to a strapping 613 PS and the maximum of torque increases from 650 Nm to 768 Nm.
Eventually, attached an absolutely professional design-full-vinyl-wrapping in chrome-red-matte and chrome-silver-matte. A few accents in glossy black concludes the whole project creating a truly unique and distinctive touch.

The total conversion fees are 28.000 Euro. For one thing, this is a considerable sum. Then again, the unique characteristics of the vehicle are so obvious that the odds of a mix-up is almost impossible. Additional information about this brilliant conversion direct at concepts

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