Nissan's premium brand may want to adopt AMG engines for Infiniti's IPL performance line.

Infiniti models powered by AMG engines?

According to a report by British magazine Autocar, that could be a result of Daimler's recent partnership agreement with Nissan.

The Japanese automaker is considering adopting some AMG technology, including going as far as shared platforms between Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz/AMG models, in order to up its credibility as a premium performance brand.

Such Infiniti models could come to carry badges that say "Powered by AMG".

Some may think that's a great idea but the risk is that the Infiniti brand further undercuts itself vis-a-vis the more established German competition by not coming up with its own technology.

According to Autocar sources, one of the engines under consideration is the new 3.5 liter turbocharged V6 being developed by Mercedes-Benz tuned to around the 400 bhp (406 PS / 298 kW) mark. It would replace the 3.7 liter in the Infiniti G series.

Another would be the 6.3 liter V8 from AMG to power the IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) variant of the M series sedan - a rival to the BMW M5. The price of such an M IPL would be around £60,000 (€70,524/$94,624) in the U.K., making the model competitive with the likes of the Jaguar XFR but still below the E63 AMG which features the same engine.