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Mother Nature can be very destructive, and she has no qualms about wrecking havoc on you or your vehicle. This video captures the harrowing time that a driver has in his Lada while a hailstorm annihilates the vehicle's windows.

The situation starts badly when this video begins, and things only get worse from there. There's a lot of hail coming down from the beginning, but the ice balls are small enough that they don't seem to harm the vehicle. The hailstones continue to get even larger, though, and at 1:44 into the clip, several pieces are large enough to crack the windshield. The driver is understandably upset and constantly yells about what's happening.

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The hail doesn't let up, though. In fact, the pieces get even larger and obliterate the windshield. The driver even has to move to the back because small pieces of glass start littering the driver seat. By the end of the video, the windshield is partially in the cabin, and a later cut shows it completely gone.

The rear glass doesn't come out of the hailstorm any better because ice shatters it. The driver even grabs one of the hailstones that's now in the cabin and shows the ball to the camera.

When the hailstorm finally ends, the driver gets out to survey the damage. The largest hailstones look to be around the size of a billiard ball, and they left his car badly dented, in addition to knocking out the front and rear windows. The Lada is still technically drivable, but it's going to be a windy ride until the owner gets the windows fixed. Still, the guy should be happy about having the shelter of the vehicle during the storm, rather than being stuck outside and be pelted by hail. 

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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