Whenever you think of coupe-SUVs or whatever they’re called, it’s usually the X6 that springs to mind as BMW kicked off the trend approximately a decade ago with the original E71 model. Fast forward to present day, the Bavarians are not only selling a second-generation X6, but they also a small X2 and a second-gen X4 for those with an appetite for a premium coupe-influenced SUV smaller and easier on the wallet.

The new-for-2019 X4 nicknamed G02 was unveiled at the beginning of March, and now the company has decided to drop an extended photo gallery and a plethora of videos on the occasion of the First Drive event. These new shots focus on two high-end versions of the SAV, specifically the xDrive30i and the M40d.

Discover the new X4:

You could say BMW was in a hurry to come out with a new X4 considering the first-gen model came out only four years ago. It’s a similar story with the X5 as that one too had a relatively short life cycle before being overhauled for the 2019 model year. It’s a clear sign the premium German automaker wants to stay on top of the SUV game by skipping the typical mid-cycle refresh and deciding to go straight to the next gen.

To illustrate the styling changes between the two X4s, BMW published a video a few months ago to show the new one is more than just a facelift of its predecessor. The footprint has also changed, with the 2019 model being 3 inches (76.2 millimeters) longer and 1.4 inches (35.6 mm) wider, while the ride height has been reduced by 0.1 inches (2.54 mm) to enable a sportier look. Rear passengers will be glad to hear the wheelbase has been stretched by 2.1 inches (53.3 mm) to grant better legroom. While the overall shape may seem just about the same, BMW worked its magic in the wind tunnel to lower the aerodynamic drag by 10 percent.

Sales in the U.S. are slated to kick off this month with prices starting at $50,450 for the 30i and $60,450 for the M40i. The diesel we’ve mentioned earlier won’t be offered stateside. Further down the line, the family will gain a new range topper in the form of the first-ever X4 M.

Photos, Videos: BMW

Gallery: 2019 BMW X4

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