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If I were to choose any road to play around with, well, aside from a race track, it would be hill climbs. The challenge of winding roads, tight lanes, and constant demand for power demand is thrilling. The grunt from your car’s engine brings joy and makes you want to push it even further.

You know what’s better than a hill climb? A closed one, where you get to enjoy the uphill run by yourself. However, this guy on the video not only did a hill climb on a closed road, he even did it in his Ferrari – specifically a LaFerrari Aperta. Yes, one of 210 units sold worldwide. Now, if that isn’t something exciting, we don’t know what is anymore.

More on the LaFerrari:

To show the excitement of the uphill run, the whole drive was captured on video from the driver’s seat. Here you can see the LaFerrari inching every corners and pushing straight cuts. The driver even did multiple power slides, which looks to be unintentional as the road was slippery (and as mentioned on the video’s description). We wonder if he had his traction control off, like the Chinese woman who rented a 458 and crashed it to pieces. But it looked like it wasn’t, as he was able to conquer the closed hill climb run with flying colors.

For disclaimers, the driver Powerslide lover mentioned that it wasn’t the fastest run on that road. He was specific about it, saying that he was a second slower than what’s on the books. Nevertheless, there's nothing to complain, really. We love the video, especially the captured sound. The sound of the LaFerrari's 789-horsepower V12 engine (plus a bit of 161-horsepower boost from the KERS) was just awesome. No wonder it’s most expensive 21st century car sold at an auction.

Source: Powerslide Lover via Youtube


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