“A McLaren 570S versus a Jeep in a drag race? Really?” That might be what you’re thinking when you see this article’s headline. Don’t worry, we’re not judging you. 

Well, it’s not every day that you see an SUV matching up with a sports car on a quarter mile drag strip. I mean, who would do that, right? It’s obvious that the McLaren will win, especially with its weight advantage over the SUV, more so, a Grand Cherokee. However, after watching this video, you might want to change your perception on bulky SUVs.

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It’s because it isn’t just an ordinary Grand Cherokee. It’s a Trackhawk – powered by a 707-horsepower 6.2L Hellcat HEMI V8 that can produce 645 pound-feet of pulling power. It’s the fastest way to become the coolest parents in a parking lot, and the quickest way to buy groceries. Yes, it exists, and Jeep is crazy to put in that monstrous engine into its Grand Cherokee.

However powerful the Trackhawk is, it has one major problem for this drag race – it’s heavy. Like, 5,363-pound heavy. Versus a 3,201-lb 570S, the 562-hp sports car has an advantage. The more-than-2,000-lb weight difference can mean drag for the SUV, not to mention its obviously-less aerodynamic shape than the McLaren. All signs point to the 570S winning, but not this time.

If you think that the McLaren 570S won the race, you might want to watch the video again. At the end of the strip, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk gets a 11.96 seconds time, while the 570S finished with 12.22 seconds. The McLaren may look like the one who finished first, but you do need to take note that it jumped the green light, therefore the final verdict would be from the timers. The difference was a hair, but it sure was enough to give the win to the Trackhawk. That SUV deserve some respect, really. 

Source: Wheels via Youtube

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