It's Business Wars indeed.

Marvel or DC? Nintendo or Sony? Nike or Adidas? LeBron James or Kevin Durant? The U.S. is full of rivalries, and most of them are businesses that strike at each other in any way possible. Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the point.

Out of all the business rivalries in the U.S., there are two automotive giants that have histories from way, way back. We’re talking about the cutthroat competition between Ford and Chevrolet. And now, the clash between the two can be heard in podcast format.

Check out these epic battles:

The online radio show is called Business Wars, and as the name implies, is a podcast from Wondery that focuses on business rivalries like the aforementioned. The show’s newest episode will be about the history between Ford and Chevy. It will be a four-episode series, which will discuss the competition between the two, down to the roots that date back to the 1920s when William Knudsen wanted one Chevy sold for every Ford sold. This sparked the corporate battle between the two, and the rest is history, which will be talked about in the podcast.

For starters, the competition between Ford and Chevy isn’t always about sales. With the business headquarters of both companies 70-miles away from each other, the rivalry is also about hometown bragging rights. The rift between the two inspired a decades long battle for supremacy in designs, engines, and marketing campaigns, which put Detroit in the map as the capital of the industrial world. Now, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear how it all began?

The first of four Business Wars’ Ford vs. Chevy episodes will be aired on Tuesday, July 3, 2018. You can subscribe to that by visiting the Wondery website.

Source: Business Wars via iTunes

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