Pictures scanned from an Italian auto magazine show images of a newly developed De Tomaso model.

Are we looking at a real De Tomaso revival here?

Fans of the Pantera of old would certainly hope so.

But what we're seeing here looks too bulky to be a Pantera-like follow-up. It is cryptically referred to as the SLC and it may be a new sedan or SUV model that the resurgent brand is developing. De Tomaso went into liquidation in 2004 and is currently being resurrected by its present owner.

These pics were scanned by the site Jokeforblog from the Italian magazine Quattroruote (four wheels).

De Tomaso is a boutique Italian automaker founded by Alejandro de Tomaso in 1959. It is currently owned by Gianmario Rossignolo, a former Fiat CEO, who is reviving the brand and buying up production facilities from Fiat in order to produce De Tomasos again.

Plans are for a model range that includes a sports coupe,a sedan and an SUV. Rossignolo wants to have one of those new models ready for an intro at the Geneva auto show next March.

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