Audi has envisioned the gas station of the future at Design Miami. It looks Cylon-inspired, but offers a host of comfortable amenities.

With EVs finally starting to hit showrooms, what will happen to gas stations? A lot, apparently.

Audi has unveiled the e-den, at Design Miami, which envisions a world where petrol and diesel are four letter words. Its design is reminiscent of American gas stations from the 1950s and features a radical (Cylon-inspired?) exterior with chrome and reflective glass.

Since EVs take hours to recharge, a trip to the refueling station won't be a five minute affair. So what will you do while you wait? Perhaps you'll cozy up on the couch, browse the magazine collection, or buy a cup of coffee.

According to Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Audi Board of Management for Marketing and Sales, "Our aim in creating this installation is to heighten the public's awareness of the wide range of challenges electromobility presents. And we provide food for thought - not just about electric vehicles themselves, but also about the infrastructure that will have to be created to support electric mobility."

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