After some time on the track, the driver takes a break and provides a chance to film the 911 in extreme detail.

While there are plenty of spy shots of the next-generation Porsche 911 floating around, a new spy video provides the closest look at the new coupe yet by catching one in a parking lot. The clip makes easy work of seeing which parts of the body that Porsche wants to conceal.

The first six minutes of the video above shows it driving around, and the closer look starts from there. While we know that Porsche uses decals to conceal test vehicles' headlights, this camera gets so close that we can see right through them. This one has an array of LED projectors, and the company's type mask earns a prominent spot inside of them.

At the rear, the engineers still conceal the corner sections of the taillights and a sensor that's likely for a driver assistance system. The third brake light is also still taped onto the body, so that needs to change before the 911 can arrive in dealers. Tape also attaches the covering over the triangular panel underneath the license plate, suggesting this section might be partially open on the final design.

We aren't sure why the photographer doesn't try to take a look at the interior, but earlier photos provide a great look inside. The 911 gets a mostly digital instrument cluster that retains an analog tachometer in the center of the driver's view. Chunky switches emerge from the center console, and there's an odd, blocky gearshift.

The standard 911 Carrera models will still come with turbocharged flat-six engines. Given the model's past, there will likely be a power bump over the current versions. Turbo variants will also be available with more power and meaner bodywork. Later, there will also be at least one hybrid version – maybe even two.

Source: Automotive Mike via YouTube