Professional skier Jon Olsson automotive creation is complete, and it's a very big deal. Olsson took his already heavily modified Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² nicknamed Lord Hans, cut off the roof, lowered the windshield, and added marine-grade teak decking to the back. The result of this work is a machine that combines all the benefits of a hardcore off-roader and ticks the box of being quite a cool cruiser, too.

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The newly topless Lord Hans stems from a quintessential first-world problem. Olsson couldn't fit the G-Class into the parking garages in Monaco and Marabella, Spain. The rig was even too big for his own garage at his Spanish estate. Shaving off the roof and cutting down the windshield lowered the overall height just enough to get the G500 into these posh parking spots.

Olsson doesn't pop the hood in this clip, but he reveals that the G-Class gets a major power boost. Rather than the standard 422-horsepower (310-kilowatt) output from the biturbo 4.0-liter V8, the mill now pumps out 780 hp (582 kW). An Akrapovic exhaust gives the machine a mighty sound, and an iPhone app can adjust an internal valve to make the pipes even louder. 

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Olsson is a fan of camouflage patterns, and Lord Hans now sports two different designs. The driver side has a dark mix of shades, but the appearance transitions to a lighter combination of colors on the other side.

Lord Hans is now the perfect warm-weather cruising machine. A modified suspension provide even more off-road capability for the SUV, and it catches attention in Marabella, which is part of the point of creating such an ostentatious rig. Olsson is making use of the G-Class' utility, too, by hauling palm trees to his house and piling the body with packages to transport between houses. There's no way to attach a roof, though, so if it starts raining, Olsson is sure to get wet.

Source: Jon Olsson via YouTube

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