Let’s talk about design. Aesthetics are subjective, of course, so no one can say when something is too much. And, especially when it comes to supercars and hypercars, nothing is really too much – even if it looks weird. And here’s an example. This Ferrari F413 rendering, created by designer Shane Baxley, can easily be anathematized as being overly complicated. But who knows what the automotive design will be in 10, 20, or 30 years from now?

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Just look at the Ferrari LaFerrari – it looks stunning by today’s standards, but we can only imagine what fans of the 1960s and 1970s Scuderia cars would say about it. You got my point, right?

This hypothetical Ferrari looks more like something that’s not finished yet, but this is actually the final design proposal. It lacks fenders in the traditional meaning of this term, as they are replaced by one large front panel, incorporating the headlights, and two separate rear panels with the taillights. Between them is a futuristic cockpit with a large glass roof, flanked by aerodynamic wings coupled in one solid detail.

Ferrari F413 hypercar rendering
Ferrari F413 hypercar rendering

The interior is equally impressive and offers room for only one person. The driver sits in a race bucket seat made of carbon fiber and controls the bolide through a jet-inspired steering wheel. All the required information about the vehicle is displayed on a small display mounted on the wheel, which also allows the driver to change between three driving modes for the powertrain – Track, Wet, and Pazzo. Velocity and engine details are projected on the windscreen.

If you ask us, such a wild hypercar needs an electric powertrain. Maybe a system combining four electric motors, one for each wheel, will be realizable given the layout of the chassis and body.

Source: Shane Baxley on Behance

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