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The BMW X2 is only a few months old, but already tuners are working their magic on the small SUV. Dähler out of Germany is one of the first; the shop has reworked the X2 inside and out with its Competition Line package, giving the BMW a more aggressive look.

For one, a healthy portion of the silver grille surround has been swapped for a body-color-matching style instead. Only the lower portion of the fixture maintains the factory look, while the black upper section blends in seamlessly with the body. The dual kidney grille has also been fully blacked out, continuing the aggressive theme.

Dahler BMW X2
Dahler BMW X2

The aftermarket X2 rides on a set of custom 10-spoke Dähler wheels, available either in 20- or 21-inch fitments. The ones shown here are finished in silver, but Dähler says buyers can choose from a range of different color options and styles. But the upgrades aren’t just skin deep.

The Dähler X2 comes with four different power upgrades. The gas 118i now produces 158 horsepower (117 kilowatts) and 197 pound-feet (264 Newton-meters) of torque, up from 136 hp (101 kW). The 120i is more powerful too, producing 223 hp (166 kW) and 250 lb-ft (340 Nm) of torque. The diesel options also get a bump; the 18d produces 174 hp (129 kW) and 287 lb-ft (390 Nm) of torque, while the 20d produces 220 hp (164 kW) and 331 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque.

Dahler BMW X2
Dahler BMW X2

Those power upgrades pair with a stiffer chassis, courtesy of Dähler’s sports spring kit, and a range of available exhaust options, each one specialized to a specific tune. Those buyers looking for a bit more customization can also opt for the Dähler Competition Line option. The shop doesn’t specify exactly what that upgrade includes, though, or how much the aftermarket package will cost.

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X2 (F39) "DÄHLer competition line" - the optimized SUV coupe with that certain something for a self-confident appearance. 

Designed and set on its wheels for the target audience considering X1 as a tad too ordinary. With a striking-fresh, youthful design opt for taking slightly different paths. For the younger spectators - and for the older, but young at heart generation - who is looking to maximize the utility and rely on an extroverted style in combination with a dynamic contour instead. For an utmost sportive character. Ideal for everyone who is heading towards new directions. 


Performance upgrade «powered by dÄHLER» up to - for example - 220hp / 450Nm (in the X2 20d), tested in accordance with the most severe WLTP / Euro 6d standard and CH / EU homologated. 

Current performance upgrades for gasoline engines and diesel engines at a glance: 

DME performance upgrades powered by DÄHLER for gasoline engines: 

118i (basis 136 HP): 158 hp / 264 Nm (B38) 
120i (basis 192 hp): 223 hp / 340 Nm (B48) 

DDE performance upgrades powered by dÄHLER for diesel engines: 

18d (base 150 hp): 174 hp / 390 Nm (B47) 
20d (basis 190 hp): 220 hp / 450 Nm (B47) 

Exhaust systems in different styles and varieties, as well as individually selectable tail pipes «powered by DÄHLER» for the sporty-sonorous tone with the DÄHLER-typical sound image. 


Carefully coordinated sports spring kit built by DÄHLER with a lower stability, for a reduced sway tendency, to lower the cross wind sensitivity and for an improved appearance, as well as perfectly tuned, harmonious and shock-absorbent suspension solutions by using the multiple adjustable in both height- and hardness complete chassis built by DÄHLER with a firm, sporty taut (but never hard!) identification. We achieve a beefy and very dynamic appearance by an appropriate lowering. 

CDC1 - the wheel of our own development and manufacturing in 20 - or 21 inch, currently available in store in many different styles and recently at one 's disposal as well as a - well, what a treat! - forged wheel. 

If requested, Dähler even goes the extra mile in the order to add another level to the trendy X2 - for a comprehensive optimized and individualized complete vehicle "DÄHLer competition line" at the highest level. That's how unique specimen are made - especially geared to customers' needs. And there are hardly any limits. 

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