Japanese tuner Wald International has issued a couple of hints as to its upcoming tuning program for the Roll-Royce Phantom EWB (extended-wheelbase).

First up is the name, which sounds enticing enough on its own: the SPORTS LINE Black Bison Edition.

To make this ultra-luxury model even more special, Wald begins with forged 24-inch wheels which will still come, though, with the original Rolls Royce center caps.

And that's it. Literally, a couple of hints kindly provided to us by Shuichi Miwa, Wald's international marketing director. However, we can see a few more details. 

Bringing the Phantom down to earth, we can also see a redesigned front bumper fascia with integrated LED daytime driving lights as well as new side skirts.  We can only guess a redesigned rear bumper fascia with neatly integrated exhaust tips is also part of the package in addition to custom interior options, but we will have to wait for confirmation on those.

As for the image published here, it comes from Wald International itself but is, in fact, a rendering and not an actual photo.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB SPORTS LINE Black Bison Edition will be making its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January with sales starting immediately after.

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