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After launching its absolute flagship for Japan, the Century, Toyota is now introducing the more mainstream Crown luxury sedan, which was previewed by a namesake concept last year. The automaker describes the 15th generation of the model as the first-generation connected car because it comes as standard equipped with a data communication module (DCM).

Based on Toyota’s new TNGA platform, the vehicle has been tested on the Nurburgring and should deliver “outstanding handling,” “responsive driving performance,” and “exceptional vehicle stability” in a wide range of driving conditions. The new model is slightly longer than its predecessor, which was launched in 2012 - 193 inches (4,190 millimeters) versus 192 inches (4,885 mm), with a bit longer wheelbase, expanding the rear passenger legroom.

See the Crown concept:

The automaker is proud to announce it has modernized the entire cabin which now features higher quality materials and more space for the driver and passengers. The dashboard is dominated by a new dual-screen layout, which combines an eight-inch central screen and another seven-inch display for the climate and audio functions.

Toyota also says the TNGA architecture brings significant improvements in terms of cabin quietness, which are achieved thanks to the optimized vehicle body frame structure and optimum arrangement of soundproofing materials. The underpinnings also allow for a lower installation of the engine, which provides a lower center of gravity.

2018 Toyota Crown
2018 Toyota Crown
2018 Toyota Crown

Speaking of the engine, Toyota will offer the new Crown with three different powertrains. The only non-hybrid option is a 2.0-liter turbo gas unit with 245 horsepower (180 kilowatts) and 258 pound-feet (350 Newton-meters) of torque.

Two hybrid variants will be available, combining 2.5- and 3.5-liter gas engines respectively with an electric motor and nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion battery. The smaller powertrain has a peak power of 226 hp (166 kW), while the more powerful one produces 359 hp (264 kW).

Order books in Japan will be opened next month with Toyota planning to sell no less than 4,500 units monthly.

Take a look at the press release section below for more information.

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Gallery: 2018 Toyota Crown

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Toyota City, Japan, June 26, 2018―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces the launch of its completely redesigned Crown in Japan and the start of sales at all nationwide "Toyota" dealers (including for the Tokyo area Toyopet and "Toyota" dealers).

Since its debut in 1955, the Crown has been a symbol of innovation. As illustrated by TRC*3 featured in the 8th generation Crown (1987) and ABS in the 9th generation Crown (1991), cutting-edge technologies that are now used in many vehicles featured in the Crown before any others on the road.

The new 15th generation Crown enters the world as Toyota's first-generation connected car equipped with a standard DCM. 24-7 vehicle connectivity with customers brings the relationship between cars and people, even the community, to a completely new level. Services focused on safety, security, comfort, and convenience, such as maintenance notifications based on real-time driving data, will be offered at the most suitable time for each customer.

Style and vehicle performance such as driving, turning, and stopping were also refined based on TNGA. For driving in particular, testing was carried out at Germany's famed Nürburgring circuit, regarded as the world's most challenging race track. Outstanding handling realizes responsive driving performance and exceptional vehicle stability in a range of driving conditions and scenarios, at low or high speeds, on smooth or rough road surfaces.

Akira Akiyama, chief engineer in charge of development, states: "In inheriting the passion from the early days of the company when the first generation Crown was born, I wanted the world to see the 'Japanese brains and brawn' that went into developing this car. It was with this spirit that we promoted development. I feel the new Crown is a car that will take your breath away in every single aspect including design, driving, and connected technology."

The Crown, Japan's renowned high-end car, has continued to evolve and push the limits, offering even more advanced driving performance and cutting-edge connected functions.

Sales Outline

  1. Sales outlets
    "Toyota" dealers across Japan (Toyopet and "Toyota" dealers in the Tokyo area)
  2. Monthly sales target for Japan
    4,500 units
  3. Reveal event at dealers
    Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1

Assembly Plant

Motomachi Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices

  Engine Transmission Driveline Price*
(Japanese yen)
(2.0-liter turbo)
8 Super ECT Rear-wheel drive 4,606,200
S   4,746,600
  "C package" 4,941,000
G 5,416,200
RS-B 5,000,400
RS 5,184,000
RS Advance 5,594,400
S   THS II with reduction gear
(A25A-FXS 2.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine)
Rear-wheel drive 4,978,800
  "C package" 5,157,000
G 5,621,400
RS 5,416,200
RS Advance 5,799,600
S Four   Four-wheel-drive 5,194,800
  "C package" 5,373,000
G Four 5,837,400
G-Executive Four 6,323,400
RS Four 5,632,200
RS Advance Four 6,015,600
(3.5-liter V-6)
Multi-Stage Hybrid Transmission Rear-wheel drive 6,237,000
G-Executive 7,187,400
RS Advance 6,906,600
Model shown in the picture (excluding options)
8 Super ECT
8 Super-Electric Controlled Transmission
TOYOTA Hybrid System II

*Includes consumption tax and does not include recycling fees. Separate pricing applies for Hokkaido and Okinawa.

Vehicle Outline

  1. Connected services

New, enhanced services that connect the driver, city, and community

  • New Crown vehicles are all equipped with a dedicated DCM as standard, and T-Connect Service is offered free of charge for three years so all customers can experience the connected service.
  • Customer safety and security services such as HELPNET and e-Care, as well as services that improve driving life comfort, such as Toyota's Operator Service, are offered.
  • LINE My Car Account for setting destinations with the Crown or smartphone applications and MyTOYOTA for T-Connect Drive Diagnosis to check safety/eco-driving level via smartphones will be launched.

Connectivity with drivers

  Services Contents
Safety &
e-Care Driving Guidance Drivers receive guidance from the Call Center (or dealer) when warning lights are activated based on information transmitted from the vehicle.
e-Care Health Check Report With their smartphone, drivers can check the engine oil level and smart key battery level/condition when warning lights are activated. Based on vehicle data, drivers also receive the best maintenance guidance from dealers.
Connected Maintenance Package Offers maintenance at optimal timing based on vehicle data (mileage) in addition to periodic inspections.
MyTOYOTA for T-Connect Driving Diagnosis Based on driving tendencies, characteristics are automatically diagnosed from the perspectives of safe driving and eco-driving. Scores and guidance are transmitted to the driver's smartphone. Driving diagnosis is also coordinated with an insurance plan where the premium for the following month is discounted based on driving level.
My Car Security
(Remote Check / Operation)
With their smartphone, drivers can check whether doors and the trunk are open, hazard lights are on, auto alarm is on, and more. Locking doors and turning off hazard lights remotely is also possible.
(Linked with air bags)
Dedicated operators connect drivers with the police or fire department when an accident or sudden illness occurs. If the air bags are activated, HELPNET®automatically connects to an operator. D-Call Net®*2makes decisions based on vehicle data on whether to call for a medical helicopter based on level of seriousness.
Toyota Connected Car Insurance Plan Premiums are discounted based on the level of safe driving each month, using precise driving data obtained from the vehicle.
Comfort /
Operator Service Dedicated operators handle various requests such as destination setting in navigation systems and hotel and restaurant reservations.
(Voice recognition service)
Destination setting, news, and weather searches can be performed with voice commands. The hybrid voice recognition function automatically activates either the on-board navigation system (local voice recognition) or Agent (center voice recognition) to enable smooth searching.
Hybrid Navigation Based on Toyota Smart Center traffic information and the user's driving information, the fastest route is transmitted to the on-board computer. In addition to the conventional five route search patterns, new routes are also suggested.
LINE My Car Account Drivers can set navigation destinations with the LINE app chat function and obtain useful information during travel such as fuel level and weather.

Connectivity with cities

ITS Connect

  • In pursuit of "safety realized by the whole city" and "safety realized by one car," ITS Connect using an ITS dedicated frequency (760MHz) is available as an option. Information beyond the range of sensors equipped in cars and signal information is exchanged directly between infrastructure systems installed in roads and cars or between cars to facilitate safe driving for drivers.

Connectivity with communities

Passable Route Map

To support rescue operation during disasters, a "Passable Route Map" is available on the website free of charge. Information on the availability of roads in the previous 24 hours is updated every hour based on data collected by Toyota from DCM equipped vehicles. Passable Route Maps can be used for travel in disaster stricken areas.

Elegant, sleek, and sporty appearance, with high-quality interior that appeals to the senses


  • With the aim of creating a sports sedan combining a bold look with sophisticated elegance, the new Crown was designed with a proportional low slung nose, the hallmark of front-engine rear-wheel-drive cars, and a sleek, elegant profile that flows smoothly from the roof to the trunk, featuring six side windows.
  • RS Grades*3 are equipped with LED sequential turn signals (front and rear) that broadly illuminate a wide periphery*4, and feature a mesh front grille, front bottom trim design that highlights the low center of gravity and delivers a wider profile, side skirts that contribute to enhanced control stability, special 18-inch aluminum wheels, four exhaust tail pipes, rear spoiler, and black door frames to further promote the sporty appearance.


  • A moderately sized cockpit and spacious interior creates a comfortable space that allows the driver to focus on driving. The simple yet fastidiously designed high-quality interior and cutting-edge devices create a point of distinction while attaining a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. To add further appeal, rich textures and impeccable design are adopted throughout, enlivening the senses and bringing texture, movement, sound, and attractiveness to the fore.
  • A new dual display incorporates an 8-inch display positioned farther back for ease of viewing even while driving and a 7-inch display installed closer to the driver for ease of operability. The top surface of the instrument panel is positioned lower to produce openness, capitalizing on the placement of the double screens.
  • Rear passenger leg space has been expanded in pursuit of enhanced passenger comfort. The optimized seating shape delivers optimum fit and reduces fatigue during long drives. The new Crown lineup also includes the "G-Executive" and "G-Executive Four" luxury models featuring beautiful high-end wooden panels and enhanced rear seat features such as LED door lighting and a second row air conditioning system.

Responsive driving realized by the all-new TNGA-based platform


  • A new platform based on TNGA is used. The powertrain is positioned lower to achieve a low center of gravity, and aluminum hood fenders and optimized distribution of weight between the front and rear deliver outstanding inertia specifications.
  • A front high mount multi-link suspension and rear multi-link suspension, optimized steering rigidity, use of aluminum die casted front suspension tower, and application of a significantly greater amount of structural adhesive further enhances body rigidity to realize responsive handling and a stable, comfortable ride.

Pursuit of Quietness

  • In addition to the optimized vehicle body frame structure and optimum arrangement of soundproofing materials, active noise control is adopted. Sound emitted from the speakers utilizes phase inversion to enable noise cancellation and enhance quietness.

RS dedicated Performance Enhancement Items

  • In RS Grades, special items are available to enhance driving performance. RS Grades come with 5-spoke 18-inch aluminum wheels and tires as standard, and special front stabilizers increase roll rigidity. By using linear-solenoid-type AVS*5, appropriate damping force is instantly generated to suppress unnecessary movement and contribute to advanced driving performance even if a large input is applied. Due to the installation of the rear spoiler, down force is secured and high speed stability is enhanced. The 2.0-liter turbo Crown is also equipped with rear performance damper and rear floor brace for excellent steering response and reduced vibration on bumpy road surfaces.

Drive Mode Select

  • Drive Mode Select, which allows drivers to select the drive mode with the press of a button, is standard in all new Crowns. RS Grades offer a Custom Mode that allows drivers to select their preferred combination of powertrain, chassis, and air conditioning system.


2.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine Hybrid System

  • The 2.5-liter hybrid Crown adopts a hybrid system mounted with the TNGA 2.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine that achieves both great thermal efficiency and high output. The vehicle delivers exceptional driving performance and 24.0 km/liter*6 fuel efficiency (under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's JC08 test cycle).

V-6 3.5 liter- Multi-stage Hybrid System

  • The 3.5-liter Crown is now the first Toyota brand car equipped with the Multi-stage Hybrid System. The Multi-stage Hybrid System is a mechanism that employs a hybrid system combined with stepped gears to control the output of both the 3.5-liter V-6 engine and the drive motor to provide strong driving force from low speeds to achieve powerful performance. By selecting an operating point for high system efficiency from the low-speed range to the high-speed range and, thus, expanding the range of BEV driving, the system achieves both an emotional driving experience and highly fuel-efficient, pleasant cruise.
  • Adjustments in engine rotations faithfully in line with the intentions of the driver and highly responsive motor assist are made possible by 10-gear-change control regardless of the driving situation, creating a direct acceleration sensation perfectly linked to pedal operation.

2.0-liter Direct-Injection Turbo Engine

  • The 2.0-liter Crown adopts a 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo engine whose output is enhanced by the increase of intake and exhaust port efficiency. High response is possible from low-rpm, while high torque is secured in the entire range.

Hybrid System Main Specifications

Engine Model A25A-FXS 8GR-FXS
Displacement (liters) 2.487 3.456
Max. output (kW[PS]/rpm) 135 [184]/6,000 220 [299]/6,600
Max. torque (N・m[kgf・m]/rpm) 221 [22.5]/3,800-5,400 356 [36.3]/5,100
Motor Max. output (kW[PS]) 105 [143] 132 [180]
Max. torque (N・m[kgf・m]) 300 [30.6] 300 [30.6]
Entire system* (kW[PS]) 166 [226] 264 [359]
Battery Nickel-metal hydride Lithium-ion

*Output as an engine and motor system; based on Toyota calculations

Turbo Engine Main Specifications

Engine Model 8AR-FTS
Displacement (liters) 1.998
Max. output (kW[PS]/rpm) 180 [245]/5,200-5,800
Max. torque (N・m[kgf・m]/rpm) 350 [35.7]/1,650-4,400

Cutting-edge preventive safety technology including the latest Toyota Safety Sense

Preventive Safety Package Toyota Safety Sense

  • The second-generation preventive safety package Toyota Safety Sense comes as standard in all Crown models. Toyota Safety Sense includes
    • A pre-collision safety system that detects pedestrians (day and night) and bikes (day) to support collision prevention and mitigate damage
    • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with full-speed range that supports driving behind the car in front
    • Advanced driving assistance technology Lane Tracing Assist (LTA*7) that supports steering so cars remain centered in the same lane during use of Radar Cruise Control
    • Automatic High Beam (AHB*8) that changes between high beam and low beam headlights automatically
    • Adaptive High Beam System (AHS*9) that irradiates high beams without blinding preceding or oncoming cars
    • Road Sign Assist (RSA*10) that displays road signs recognized by the camera on the display so drivers do not miss road signs and drive safely

Parking support brakes (stationary objects, vehicles approaching from the rear, pedestrians in the rear)

  • Stationary objects such as walls and pillars, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic pose safety challenges in parking lots. Therefore, the new Crown is equipped with low-speed braking support systems. In addition to Intelligent Clearance Sonar and Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brake, the new Crown is also the first Toyota brand car mounted with rear pedestrian support brake*11, which detects pedestrians using a rear camera, and in the case of a possible collision, helps to minimizes damage by activating alerts and brake control.
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