These don’t meet basic vehicle safety standards.

In the grand scheme of YouTubers doing dumb, dangerous, or downright disrespectful things for those sweet precious video views, this video is low on the list of offenders. Yes, they broke a laundry list of laws – spoiler alert, police eventually catch them. However, the crew operates with a modicum of safety – such as the following vehicle with its hazard lights flashing. And, it appears spectators enjoyed the sight of these Lego cars. 

While the video doesn’t go into detail about how the team built the Lego cars, it’s pretty clear from general observation these are modified golf carts. The seats, dash cubbies, and wheels give away the Lego cars’ true underpinnings. Even the group of friends joke about the whole car being made of Legos and to ignore the round, rubber tires. In the video, it appears the group removed the exterior shell of two golf carts, used some Legos to build colorful exteriors, and haphazardly attached to the frame. 

More Lego Cars:

The two Lego cars have some Mario Kart-style fun on a relatively safe and quiet neighborhood street. But the itch for an adventure leads them to the highway. And McDonald’s. And a college campus. Almost everywhere they go, they get stopped. People gawk, honk, and give thumbs-up in some sort of anti-establishment support.

Early in the video, a police car drives past heading in the other direction. However, they go unnoticed by the cop who either didn’t see their brightly-colored cars or dismissed the group as harmless fun. Though the Lego cars lacked turn signals, headlights, seatbelts, and mirrors – all things necessary for a vehicle to be legally allowed to operate on public roads. 

Eventually, though, an unmarked police car did stop the crew. Luckily, no one was arrested, and no one received a ticket. However, they were told they couldn’t continue driving the Lego cars on the road, so they pulled them off the road, likely waiting for a trailer to tow them back home. 

Source: MrBeast via YouTube

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