Speed camera lottery would set aside money from speeding fines to be won from law-abiding drivers.

This video shows the VW-sponsored testing of a speed camera lottery concept in Stockholm.

The idea for a speed camera lottery came from American Kevin Richardson, who submitted it as part of Volkswagen's Fun Theory contest and won an award for it.

The premise for a speed camera contest is simple: As the camera catches speeders to be fined it also captures those obeying the speed limit. Some of the money raised by the fines is set aside to be won in a lottery by one of the lucky law-abiding drivers.

As Richardson says in the video: "I really believe that fun can change human behavior for the better."

Over a 3 day period, over 24,000 cars passed the experimental speed lottery camera. Average speed before the test was 32 km/h but dropped to 25 km/h while the camera was there.