It’s not a secret that supercars, particularly a Ferrari, sell for quite a price. That’s why they’re rare. That’s why only a few people can afford to buy one. For instance, a base 488 Spider sells for £219,000 ($290,569) in the United Kingdom. However, the owner of this 488 Spider had something different in mind, not to mention an awful lot of money, as he included boatloads of option with his Ferrari – more than 28 of them – bringing it up to £330,000 ($437,843). And this video got all of them in detail.

For starters, this highly-expensive Ferrari is coated with a top-level special color: Bianco Italian, which is a £19,000 ($25,209) option for a matte white finish. The other options are listed on a plaque inside the 488’s boot, which lists a total of 28 items. Seen Through Glass, however, is certain that the plaque is missing a few. As if it matters, really.

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Anyway, the most prominent thing you’ll see in this car is the lot of carbon fibers it has. It’s as if the whole car is made out of carbon fiber entirely. To start with, it’s fitted with a carbon fiber exterior package that’s priced at £17,280 ($22,927).

Although the following carbon fiber parts may or may not be part of the carbon fiber exterior package breakdown, it’s interesting to see how much each carbon fiber parts cost. The outer sill kick is at £1,152 ($1,528), while the wheel caps are at £480 ($637). The front spoiler, B-pillar trim, and rear diffuser sum up to £11,904 ($15,794). Side air splitters and rear air ducts cost £2,112 ($2,802) and £2,440 ($3,237), respectively. Other exterior non-carbon fiber options include black glossy brake calipers that come in £864 ($1,146), Scuderia Ferrari shield at £1,000 ($1,327), and titanium exhausts £1,440 ($1,911). Whew.

But that’s not all, the array of carbon fibers continue up to the interior. We would have listed them all as well, but honestly, we lost count. Just watch the video above.

Source: Seen Through Glass via Youtube

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