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Bentley says that it has teamed up with the Danish maker of premium sound systems, Bang & Olufsen, to put a groundbreaking sound system setup into its new Continental GT coupe. The Danish company's revolutionary BeoSonic interface has been designed to shape the sound around the car's occupants, and provides four distinct audio profiles: Bright, Energetic, Warm & Relaxed.

"The BeoSonic user interface allows you to change equalization based on your mood, which means fewer inputs are required to achieve their desired audio experience," said Ashley Blakemore, Head of Infotainment and Audio at Bentley. "When changing between sound spaces, you will instantly hear the difference: you can change from a very precise and narrow sound to a much more open and surrounding listening experience."

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The new system has been designed in close collaboration with Bentley and car tech firm Harman International. It features 16 active speakers, and a 1,500-watt BeoCore DSP amplifier, all with an iconic speaker grille design which comes finished in aluminum with holes drilled in various sizes and angles placed as tightly as possible to achieve the best possible sound quality. Those holes also light up when the system is activated.

What's more, the car comes with a laminated acoustic glass front windshield and side windows which helps reduce exterior noise, enhancing the sound quality of the system, while also improving overall comfort. 

Source: Bentley

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