Staff changes as the result of Ferrari's failed championship campaign in 2010 are on the horizon, according to Italian reports.

Autosprint magazine reports that it is "not a secret" that the man most directly in the spotlight is Australian Chris Dyer, Ferrari's chief engineer and in charge of race strategies.

"We need an improved car and we must also ensure that mistakes that we made as drivers and as a team are not repeated in 2011," Fernando Alonso is quoted as saying.

And the Italian daily La Repubblica asked Ferrari's technical director Aldo Costa if "heads will roll" as a consequence of the failed strategy in Abu Dhabi.

"I'm not for the automatic 'error-guilt-punishment' (approach)," he answered.

"I prefer a more rational response, where we understand what happened and what went wrong, and then we act," added Costa.

He also said it is wrong to point the finger at one individual.

"We must make sure that certain decisions are shared, with responsibility not resting on one set of shoulders.

"But, anyway, we didn't lose the championship because of the strategy in Abu Dhabi, but because our car was not as fast as another," added Costa.

He is confident that the F10's 2011 successor will be faster.

"This year we did reduce the gap to Red Bull," said Costa.

"What we have done is revolutionise our working methods and this meant a period of adjustment. And we paid for having a wind tunnel that was a bit dated.

"But now we have solved the problem and begun a new era," he insisted.

Reports still hint at 'rolling heads' at Ferrari