Love or hate the fact Rolls-Royce has jumped on the SUV – ahem, high-sided-vehicle – bandwagon to Profit Town, there’s little denying the Cullinan has a presence. Yes, it looks like a lifted and stretched Phantom – the two do ride on Rolls-Royce’s Architecture of Luxury all-aluminum platform – but it still commands attention, which is evident by this detailed walkaround video. 

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It’s one thing to read about all the neat features in a new car and see photos of something like the fold-down rear-seat trays. It’s another experience entirely to look at these features working in the video, which exemplifies the Cullinan’s insane amount of opulence and the designer’s attention to detail. Rolls is targeting the wealthy who have an appetite for super luxury and powerful performance, and with a starting price of $325,000, customers can quickly increase the cost through a variety of personalization options.

It’s hard not to see a Phantom as the video gets up and close and personal with the SUV. The hidden media controls between the rear seats are nice, as is the multiple buttons for the rear-seat trays and infotainment screen. There’s no commentary in the video, just background music as the camera pans around the interior and exterior of the Cullinan, highlighting little details such as the matching-color pinstripe and key fob. 

Something this large does require a hefty amount of performance. The Cullinan uses its familiar 6.75-liter biturbo V12 engine, which produces 563 horsepower (420 kilowatts) and 627 pound-feet (850 Newton-meters). Power goes to all four wheels through a new all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering system. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour). The Cullinan tips the scales at 5,846-pound (2,660-kilogram). 

Watch the video and marvel in all the little details that help make the Cullinan a luxury investment. It’s not cheap, and this video shows why. 

Source: Frank Automotive via YouTube

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