Select group of customers taken to Leipzig by BMW to test the new 1-Series M Coupe still draped in camouflage.

The BMW 1-Series M Coupe teaser campaign continues.  This time it consists of testimonials from (biased?) BMW enthusiasts.

Here is a video of the few individuals selected to test drive the upcoming BMW 1-Series M Coupe even before the automaker is ready to show us what it will look like without any camouflage.

The chosen ones come from a group of customers (at least half are members of the BMW forum site), hand-picked by BMW and brought to Leipzig for the test drives.

Naturally, all the comments by the participants on the video are very positive but its hard to see how the 1-Series M Coupe is shaping up as anything other than a solid M-badge worthy model.

You can see photos and read more about some of the customer experiences at

Elsewhere in the realm of the 1addicts forum, another bomb got dropped today. 

While performing research on an ECU flash upgrade, member Dakelone stumbled across an official BMW product sheet listing all of the 1-Series engines. 

The last three listings show the 1-Series M Coupe code named "Pyrat" outputting 250 kW (340 PS / 335 bhp) with the twin-turbo inline six-cylinder N54B3OTO (aka N54) engine.  Curiously, the last listing shows a U.S. specified model with 332 kW (451 PS / 445 bhp). 

With both Euro and U.S. models showing the same engine code, Dakelone jumps to the conclusion that only an ECU upgrade is responsible for the 110 horsepower increase on the U.S. spec model.  But this remains suspicious as the U.S. model is significantly more powerful than it's European home market unit - which never happens. Even if it's a limited production model it seems unlikely.  This engine for the next generation BMW M3 is a different story though.

Another interesting observation from the alleged product sheet is the listing of a 135iS model U.S. spec for 2012.  Unfortunately it lists power output at 225 kW (306 PS) with the single turbo N55 engine, which is a shame as the same engine in the Z4 sDrive35is pumps out 250 kW (340 PS / 335 bhp).

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