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If you’re a car enthusiast, then you probably have a very specific regimen when it comes to cleaning your car. You have your special rags, and towels. You have high-quality brushes and soaps, and waxes all lined up against the garage wall just in case you need to do a last-minute detail before you head to the grocery store on a Saturday morning. For you, washing your car is more than just running it through the automatic wash with its dirty water and hard-bristled brushes that are sure to create paint swirls. There’s the two-bucket and three-bucket system, depending on how you feel about wheels, and there are enough products at your local auto parts store where you might consider working at just to get a discount. 

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You may be a weekend warrior when it comes to car detailing, but the pros know what’s up – and they’re pros for a reason. They’re not detailing their car on the weekends. Nope, they have a business – the main hustle detailing million dollar cars for clients who entrust these talented auto detailing individuals with their property. It’s almost always about more than just soap and water – it’s about the attention to detail. 

In the video here from The Rag Company, the crew gets down and dirty with an already pristine-looking Porsche 959 to detail it before a photo shoot. This isn’t a spray-and-wash situation. The video, over 30 minutes long, is an in-depth look at the cleaning process. Nothing is left untouched as the two detailers go to town on the classic car. 

By the end of the video, the 959 somehow looks better than it did before. If you pay attention to the details and take your time the next time you’re out washing the car, yours could look this good, too. It’s all about using the right tools for the right job and taking your time.

Source: The Rag Company via YouTube

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