Volkswagen has confirmed that the company is working a new Microbus concept which could be the spiritual successor to the 1960s model.

Nearly a decade ago, Volkswagen unveiled the stunning Microbus concept at the 2001 North American International Auto Show. Despite high praise and an official green-light for production, the model was shelved due to cost concerns.

While the van's death was tragic, it hasn't been forgotten by VW's chief designer Klaus Bischoff. Speaking with Auto Express, Bischoff stated "I would not be doing my job, at Volkswagen, properly if I was not thinking of bringing back the Camper."

As such, the company is developing a new Microbus with global design influences. According to Bischoff, "It could be a traditional MPV, with a conventional interior, or we could be much bolder, designing a more flexible, versatile machine - perhaps one that is closer in spirit to the original model."

Regardless of what form it takes, a concept will be unveiled in the coming years so stay tuned.

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